Ram Bros Tournament results

During Digital Expo 2017 Dragontale held a Ram Bros tournament for the visitors of the exhibition. Over 30 teams, of two members each, tried to reach to the highest score but only 8 managed to do so! Here are the official results of the tournament:

1st Team: Minecrafters Score: 1069

2nd Team: Ταμπακέρας Score: 1040

3rd Team: Konstantinos Andreas Score: 941

4th Team: Χαρούμενες Πατάτες Score: 902

5th Team: Alexgramer Score: 568

6th Team: Andreas Mpampis Score: 513

7th Team: Battleboys Score: 429

8th Team: Cloud of the stars Score: 349

Winner prizes are:

  • 1st: Hori Fighting Stick Mini
  • 2nd: Humble Bundle Gift Keys
  • 3rd-8th: Dragontale goodie package
The winner team of Ram Bros tournament receive their prizes from Zaf and Dimos at Dragontale's offices

Dimosthenis Serketzis